StrongBody Bars no longer available, Pints coming soon

StrongBody is a brand new concept in ice cream products, based on creating a frozen dessert with more good calories than bad. For more than 4 years we have been producing StrongBody bars, made with all natural ingredients, and sweetened with Stevia, a 100% natural sweetener with zero calories and a zero Glycemic Index (GI). Our bars are enrobed in 72% dark chocolate, adding additional benefits to the frozen treat.

Unfortunately, we could not get to a certain level of sales to sustain producing the Bars any longer, so we decided to switch gears a little bit.  As of April 2nd 2017 (didn’t want it to be April 1st so people think this is an April fools prank), we decided to stop production of the StrongBody Bars, and look into producing a Pint version of the ice cream.  This will help in production costs as the bar was much more expensive to produce, and also we have received many requests for the Pint format from both consumers like you and retail outlets as well.

We are currently developing the Pint designs, we will be printing them soon, and hopefully by July 2017, we will have the first pints hitting stores near you.  We will be introducing a Vanilla Chocolate Chip Pint and a Chocolate Chocolate Chip one as well.  The Chocolate Chips in both flavors will be our tasty 72% dark chocolate, we will have no sugar added, still sweetened with Stevia and as much as 32 grams of Protein in each Pint, with about 360 calories total in the Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pint, and 400 calories total in the Vanilla Chocolate Chip Pint.

We are also removing the L-Glutamine from the formula, as many of you communicated to us that this ingredient did not make a difference for you when purchasing StrongBody Bars, it was mostly for the low calories, the added whey protein, no sugar added and the 72% Dark Chocolate.

If you were a StrongBody Bar fan, we think you will still be a fan of the Pints.  We appreciate all your support in the past few years and hope to still have your support in the future.

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