We are based in Massachusetts, we started our small outfit in 2004 making Middle Eastern ice cream called Booozah, which means ice cream in the Arabic language. We were too early for the US market to introduce that kind of ice cream and the truth is without the sales volume, we could not sustain the business, so we hatched a new idea and introduced a new ice cream based on healthy and good for you ingredients, like adding Whey Protein Isolate, sweetening with Stevia instead of sugar and adding 72% dark chocolate and made the best possible tasting light ice cream we can.

We had StrongBody for several years in an ice cream bar format, but with the recent success of similar ice creams, like Halo Top, we have decided to switch to pints instead. We are hoping you will give us a shot and make StrongBody your go to, feel good, guilt free ice cream.

We manufacture our ice cream in Manchester Connecticut in cooperation with Royal Ice Cream. Royal Ice Cream has been a family owned manufacturer of quality ice cream desserts since 1926. For three generations, the Orfitelli family has taken great pride in producing the absolute finest ice cream products and we feel privileged to be able to produce our ice cream with their knowhow and expertise in producing our StrongBody products.

We also created a simple Mission Statement that says: “We make great tasting light ice cream, use the best possible healthy and clean ingredients to produce an ice cream that you can eat with no guilt”

Thanks for visiting our site and hope you will also visit your local store and try StrongBody.

StrongBody Team